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Preventative Care


Remember Annual Vet Visits

One of the best ways to prevent health problems in your pets is to maintain annual wellness exams with your veterinarian. Pets age at a faster rate than humans and their health status can change significantly over the course of a year. We will check your pet from head to toe looking for any changes since the previous visit. Routine lab tests detect early stages of disease before symptoms occur. This early intervention will help your friend live a longer and healthier life.

Vaccination Is The Best Protection

Vaccinations are one of the best ways to protect your pet from diseases such as parvo virus, kennel cough, rabies and distemper. Cats should be immunized against the feline upper respiratory diseases and rabies; outdoor cats should also receive a Feline Leukemia vaccine. Talk with us about which vaccines are best suited for your pet based on age, health status and exposure.

Protect Your Friend From Parasites

Heartworms, fleas, ticks and intestinal parasites can have major health consequences for your dog and are easily prevented by regular use of veterinary approved products. Heartworms are transmitted by mosquito bites. Fleas and ticks not only transmit disease, but also cause very itchy skin that is uncomfortable for your dog or cat. With changing weather patterns, it is often difficult to guarantee when mosquitoes, fleas and ticks aren’t biting. Intestinal parasites cause diarrhea and vomiting and persistent infections are a health detriment as well as a source of environmental contamination.

Proper Training Makes A Better Animal Citizen And Family Member

Imagine a child never taught to mind their manners, clean up or follow safety instructions. A puppy is a lot like a young child. Most dogs surrendered to shelters never received adequate training. Dogs that are well trained are more likely to bond closely with your family. Investing time in training a new puppy will lead to a lifetime of benefit for both you and your dog.

Always Deliver Good Nutrition And Regular Exercise

One of the keys to lasting health is balanced nutrition. Keep your pet on a high quality diet that addresses their specific health needs, age, breed and activity level. Regular exercise will keep your pet in lean body condition while providing a bonding experience. Work with your veterinarian to create the right nutrition and exercise plan for your friend.