Our Testimonials

Dr. Rich Coleman has been our family Veterinarian for several years and we believe he is the most competent, caring, and compassionate care giver we have ever had. The staff at Four Paws is terrific and we believe they are all true animal lovers. It is a pleasure to bring our pets to Dr. Rich. He even helped us get special care for a sick Fan Tail Goldfish! We love Four Paws & Dr. Rich Coleman!
Joan & Bob A.

This letter was written to express our great appreciation for the work that you and your staff provide each day at your hospital. From our Black Lab, Belle, being hit by a car while we were not home (she broke out of the house, but that’s another story). To our Yellow Lab, Lady, who has a mysterious “sympathy limp” that changes legs based on what side you last petted her. Or our Chocolate Lab, Oliver, who overdosed on medicine the first weekend we had him. Of coarse there is Charlie our Weimaraner, whose story has yet to be written, but will be noteworthy. Your staff has always been professional and caring and it is obvious that you take pride in your profession. For someone who has multiple four legged family members you have become not only our vet but our friend.
Larin J.

Our family pets, at this writing, include 5 dogs and 1 kitten. They are all rescued, as were others who have passed on. Dr. Rich as given them all the best care anyone could want. Recently, the kitten needed surgery following a mishap with one of our dogs. The cost, we believed, would be rather expensive and we were not sure what to do. Dr. Rich told us she could survive and lead a good life, so we agreed to the surgery. To our surprise, the cost was much less than anticipated and our kitty is now happy and healthy as predicted. Because of our various needs with rescued animals, Dr. Rich has made their excellent health care affordable and he and the staff at Four Paws always deliver service with love, kindness, and a big smile to all who enter their door.
Linda C.

I just want to take a moment to THANK YOU for taking such good care of my 4-legged kids. I am so glad that I had the pleasure of you being the one to see Sashia, Wulfe and Buster when you first began your career. I had been to other vets, but the gentle way you talked to them and the way they responded to you made me call you MY VET! I was heartbroken when you left that clinic and didn’t let me know where you were heading. I saw other vets but didn’t care for the way both my pets and I were treated. So began the search for a new vet. I honestly got so frustrated that I was composing a note to send to you at home to find out where you were. Because I had heard good things about Dr. Plum, I was in the process of switching the care of my kids to his practice in Lebanon. Thanks to Bailey that process was sped up when she slit her ear. Then one day while answering phones at the Sibcy Cline office you called in, looking for a plot of land to build a hospital on. OH HAPPY DAY!!! You have no idea how happy I was to be able to talk to you, and it wasn’t even that I might be able to help you find a place to build your hospital! At that time you were filling in for doctors who were on vacation or needed a helping hand. Since you were “my vet”, once I heard you were travelling – I began to travel with you. Xenia, Fairfield, Springboro and more. Whenever my “child” needed to see you for any reason I found out where you were and brought them to you. I’ll never forget the happy look on your face when you told me you were purchasing Dr. Plum’s practice. Again – HAPPY DAY! You were going to call Lebanon “home”. You would be close to me and I wouldn’t have to travel too far with my “kids”. I’m not surprised at how your practice took off once you had a place to call home. It didn’t take long before you outgrew the small office on Columbus – you know the one with 2 exam rooms and the occasional need to use the break room! To see how quickly you have been able to grow your practice and be in a state of the art building after such a short time shows just what an amazing doctor you are. Being a Relator, I am frequently asked about doctors, vets, salons etc. from clients. I am always proud to tell them our story and that in my eyes you are the best vet around! I know many of those people chose to have their pets cared for by you and your staff. The care and compassion you show when you have to share bad news or help a 4 legged family member cross over to the Rainbow Bridge makes us humans able to deal a little better with it. Thank you for including me and my kids in your journey, together we have seen many come and go. I look forward to many more parts of our journey. May I suggest the opening of a location a little further south? You will always be MY VET and I THANK YOU for the wonderful care you provide my kids as well as me.
Kathy P.
Mom to Dutchess and Sparky

I wish I could express just how incredible I think Dr. Rich, Dr. Ashley, and all the staff at Four Paws Animal Hospital are in words that are all-telling. The truth is that words simply do not exist to explain the depth of their concern, the knowledge of their medical training, and the compassion of their hearts. I know that this all may seem a little “over- the -top”, but honestly, they are just that…over the top, beyond and above any others I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I followed Dr. Ashley from her last practice, because I truly know that she is the absolute best at what she does. My dog, Maggie, is not an average patient. She has kidney disease, Diabetes, and is almost completely blind. She is young, and the love of my life. Not only did Dr. Ashley take care of EVERYTHING with her, but she took care of me. Over the years, she has cried with me, prayed for me, and cared so much for my entire family (humans included!). She really does love my Maggie, and I consider her one of my dearest friends. I am so thankful for her. I could not have survived without her…that I know!

Then, I met Dr. Rich, and was blown away that a male version of Dr. Ashley existed! Doctor Rich has been such an incredible blessing. He encourages us, and his love for animals and their people is inexplicable. He takes the time to explain everything to his families, and gives that same time and compassion to his patients. He seems to love and care for each patient as if they are his own. How can you ever ask for anything more? He even told me this last visit that a friend of his owed him a favor, and that he could have the pressure of my dogs eyes looked at by this friend. Wow, how incredible is that? He and Dr. Ashley continue to seek every new challenge my dog presents, and do not stop until they find what they are looking for. I can truly see why Dr. Ashley and Dr. Rich work so well together. They both have that extremely rare gift of compassion, skill and understanding that make them more than just great doctors.

Then, that leaves the rest of staff. I seem to call in quite frequently, and they, like the doctors, make sure I am okay. They always take the time to share a story, and make me feel like I am the only one they have to talk to all day! My list of orders are long and detailed, with special diet foods of three kinds, kidney pills that need splitting and sugar levels that need monitoring. Even with all of the specific details, and confusing questions from me, they always are genuine, real, and so compassionate.

My husband and I have one fifteen year old son. He has a very serious heart problem. We would do ANYTHING if we had the kind of staff working for our son that we have working with our pets. The most difficult thing in life is having a sick child…whether it is a child or a pet, they are treated as the same at Four Paws. The most comforting thing is knowing they are cared for with the most expertise and love possible.
Debbie B.