Dr. Kim grew up in Cincinnati, OH and was immersed in sports, school and work from high school and beyond. She started working in a veterinary hospital during undergraduate summers and was involved with research at the university. She attended Butler University and Morehead State University for her Bachelor’s degree, and University of Arkansas for her Master’s degree with a focus on immunology and nutrition. During her time in Arkansas, she worked on a hog farm and spent a summer in Nebraska working for USMARC-USDA. Upon her return to Ohio, she graduated from The Ohio State University with her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine.

Her special interests are sports medicine, orthopedics, and internal medicine. In her spare time, she enjoys following Ohio State football, spending time with her family and taking every opportunity that she can to get outside and be active. Her household consists of an Arkansan, Chris, a “wolf pack” consisting of two Beagles, Sarge and Xena, a Labrador Retriever, Doris and two cats that she has acquired since becoming a veterinarian, Doug and Martha.